A Little Muse

the Play Date

Skye Parrott, Stig and Oona

Memorial Day was spent at the home of Photographer Skye Parrott her partner Jeremy Malman and their children Stig and Oona.  While temperatures soared into the 90s the children playfully cooled off in the sprinklers while Jeremy manned the barbecue.  Managing Nan Goldin’s studio before starting her own career as a photographer- Skye is also Creative Director and Co Founder of Dossier Journal- an independently published biannual Arts and Fashion magazine based in Brooklyn.  With no themes or specific guidelines Dossier encompasses natural realism fashion stories from photographers like Cass Bird and David Armstrong with strong creative writing & music -even the ART of cooking!  She is not only talented and beautiful -but she also makes a killer guacamole! Continue reading →

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