A Little Muse


I have many passions- but my greatest was born August 4, 2007 and we named her Tallulah Rose!

She’s my love! My inspiration! There’s nothing I want to do more in this world than hang out with and document my life with my daughter.

a little muse is her and all of my other passions-photography, film, fashion, music, interior design all brought together. A diary the two of us can look back at one day and treasure! I hope you enjoy this journey Tallulah and I take together- whether it’s on a play date, back stage on a fashion shoot, trying one of our favorite designers or meeting the most incredibly talented people from fashion, music, film and art!

It’s only fair as I’ve turned the camera on so many that I include this homemade video my husband Michael and I filmed of us this past rainy Thanksgiving Day, on my birthday where we live- the greatest neighborhood in the world- Fort Greene, Brooklyn. True to the spirit of the day and because it was one of my favorite songs when I was a child I edited the footage to “Raindrops Keep falling On My Head”.

a little muse is dedicated to Tallulah and Michael-my loves, my life!

-Annemarie Lawless


  • All photographs and videos have been filmed by me* unless otherwise stated. All music I include in the videos is available to download from itunes.
  • Please email me at: annemarie@alittlemuse.com
  • *All photos in the Wish List feature have been outsourced.