A Little Muse


A Little Muse

Carmen, Elijah & Juno Wright

It’s always a magical time at the Wrights’ home.  Elijah and Juno Wright are two of the most creative children I know!  When they’re not busy working on their feature film Princess Shashan and The Night Ghouls with Elijah directing and Juno as his leading lady, Elijah, 9 is practicing Clementi’s Sonatina beautifully on the piano and Juno, 6 is either at her ballet or African drum class! Their mother and my closest friend Carmen Ejogo is not only a drop dead gorgeous, award winning actress but I’m predicting the next Martha Stewart for a new generation!

Carmen’s my go to for anything interior design related and she’s the first to gather scissors and ribbons for fun projects to do with the kids! It wasn’t until she became a mother that she yearned for real quality toys like the kind she herself played with as a child. What does a ridiculously creative mother do? Make them herself-of course! On the day of our play date the kids were trying out the new Wendy House! Everyone had fun embellishing the tent with polka dots, glitter, acorns- whatever caught their fancy-even improvising the odd flower for their hair!

After at least a dozen requests from other mothers on playdates for the Wendy houses and a real offer to showcase them in an exclusive boutique in Tribeca, Carmen decided to take things further-create a full range of Old Fashion toys with the emphasis on quality and imagination for every child! Scalliwag Toys was born!

This summer Carmen starts shooting the film I, Alex Cross opposite Tyler Perry and Edward Burns.

Scalliwagtoys is available exclusively at Christina Dos Santos in NYC.

Juno wears top/skirt from Crew Cuts, leggings by Old Navy. Tallulah wears striped top by Kids Case, leggings by L’Esprit de Luna and sneakers by Stella McCartney for Gap.


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