A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Jamie Isaia

Tallulah keeps asking me when are we going back to see Jamie because she wants to introduce her to her new life-like stuffed Meerkat Olivia. Indeed, Olivia would fit beautifully amongst the array of taxidermy animals that inhabit the apartment where Jamie lives. That is -if Spider- Jamie’s miniature doberman pinscher gives Olivia the ok. We had been shown grisly but cute remnants of a stuffed animal sans stuffing- a mere shell of its former self and Spider’s favorite toy. Tallulah would surely have to keep a sharp eye on Olivia!! Jamie lives in Williamsburg which I always find a surreal architectural experience. Part industrial- part clapper board houses-its eclecticism really makes you want to dive deeper into its history and it leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia. Walking into the apartment Jamie shares with her husband Anthony Malat was like being transported through time-like stepping into a Victorian parlour where you want to dress up in your best frock for tea and scones.  And what a tea party they had- with miniature porcelain tea sets!  But mostly Tallulah enjoyed cuddling up next to Jamie pretending to be asleep on Jamie’s new life-changing Tempur-Pedic California King bed.  Sleeping beauty never had it this good!

Jamie-Tallulah and I loved exploring your flat full of treasures from the miniature tea sets to the crocodile skulls. It was a magical place for Tallulah. Where did your passion for collecting come from? — My husband and I have always loved old and unusual things. We both have a passion for thrifting and antique shopping so I think once we found each other it was like -GAME ON! One of our favorite things to do is hunt for old treasures anywhere we are visiting.

I can envision Joel-Peter Witkin and Julia Margaret Cameron hanging harmoniously together in your space. What would be the dream photograph to own? — I would LOVE to have a Julia Margaret Cameron in my house or an August Sanders portrait. Actually I would love this one Steichen picture of light coming through the trees with vapor rising from the swamp below. I think it is an untitled image but one of my favorite ever.

If you could shadow any photographer for the day -past or present -who would it be? — Probably nobody. Seeing the process takes all the mystery out of it for me.

What magazine/s do you still get excited and look forward to seeing on the new stand each month? — Acne Paper

If you could choose any designer to fill your closet this season-who would I find in there? — A little Ann Demeulemeester and Dres Van Noten probably.

Finally-you’re looking forward to New York fashion week because…? — Friends come to town that I don’t get to see that often. We hide out in dark corners of small bars and catch up.

You can see Jamie’s beautiful fashion photography Here and follow her blog musings Black as Light.

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