A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Jenny Cooper and her sons Walker & Miller

Jenny Cooper has revolutionized Children’s wear. Starting at J. Crew in 2000 designing women’s sweaters, J. Crew launched Crew Cuts in 2006 with Jenny as head designer.  With it’s cool aesthetic and pop of color, it’s no secret A Little Muse is a huge fan and Crew Cuts is a staple in Tallulah’s wardrobe. It is also the catalyst for Tallulah’s love of jewelry and accessories!!

How honored we were to spend an afternoon with Jenny and her two sons Walker, 12 and Miller, 9 at their home in Brooklyn.  And what better way than raiding Jenny’s jewelry box, eating Betty’s of Brooklyn twinkies then sneaking onto a pitch to play a game of football with the boys!!

Jenny-Describe your perfect day.

A macchiato and a chocolate croissant from Bien Cuit sitting in the sun on a soccer field watching my boys play. Who knew it was so much fun to watch people kick a ball around? Followed by a home improvement project like fixing up the potted plants outside, or cleaning a closet. I love that feeling of having accomplished something. And then a homemade dinner with my family. I’ve recently signed up for a food service that send you strange and interesting foods and recipes, called Quinciple, so we’ve been having some really wonderful meals at home.

What is your earliest memory of fashion?

My mother bought me a sewing machine when I was about 9 and I made a pair of multicolored seersucker pantaloons. Not my finest moment.

Where do you find your inspiration for CrewCuts?

A lot comes from my two boys. They are so stubborn and so individual and so am I so I’m always looking for ways to keep both of us happy.

What do you love most about being a mother?

The hugs! And their outsized confidence in me and my abilities. They think I’m an awsome speller!

What are some favorite things to do together as a family?

Eat dinner, go to a soccer match and hang out at the park. I’ll do anything with them – I just like to be in their presence.

If you had more time for you what would you be doing?

I love making things, furniture, clothing, food. If I had more time I’d be starting projects. Not necessarily finishing them…..

What can you not say no to?

Lots of things! Chocolate croissants and spicy sausage biscuits.

Finally…When Walker and Miller grow up they want to be…

Walker is passionate about being a Lego designer and Miller wants to be a soccer player in the worst way. I was trying to dissuade him but then I met some of the Red Bulls (New Jersey) and they were very nice, so now it’s OK.

Thank you Jenny!!

Tallulah wears Crew Cuts throughout.

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