A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Jessica Alba, Honor, Haven and Brooklynn

Tallulah and I were excited heading to Los Angeles to spend time at the home of Golden Globe-nominated actress Jessica Alba-I’m a huge fan–she’s a great comedienne-I adored her in Little Fockers!  We drove to her Beverly Hills home tucked away high in the hills-It was a real maze to find her-she’s very well hidden.  I LOVE that about LA-one minute you are deep in city traffic the next surrounded by serenity and beauty.  We arrived at the house to a mountain of Tutus!!  I’m not kidding-there must have been close to a hundred!  The girls could have hidden underneath this pile of tutus and we would have lost them for days.  Amanda Whitney of Tutu Couture wanted the girls to have fun so she sent over a few.  Thank you Amanda!  There was every color tutu imaginable under the sun.  My only regret is that I didn’t take a picture of these tutus strewn all around Jessica’s garden.  But I did capture the girls dancing in them.  You cannot help but dance when you put these tutus on.  Jessica is everything you expect her to be-she has that beautiful smile that makes you feel so welcome.  Effortless in the kitchen (can’t wait to share her recipes) making perfect petite sandwiches for our tea party complete with colorful organic juices to fill up our tea pots.  Tallulah has bonded.  Jessica’s daughter Honor has taken her by the hand leading her straight to the playroom to play dress up.  A favorite of Honor and Brooklynn -her adorable 3 year old cousin.  They’re a close family-very soon Haven will be joining her big sister and cousin in all things princess.   Honor is exactly like her mommy-the same warm generous spirit -giving Tallulah free reign over her dresses -with Disney favorites flying off the hangers making her feel right at home.  I’m really taken with her-she is an incredibly articulate, mature 4 year old with the most beautiful energy.  Another glorious costume change into Wovenplay Couture dresses and the three girls head out to the garden to join mommy and Haven for a magical tea party.  Haven!  I’ve fallen in love! The happiest little girl with the most gorgeous coloring I have ever seen.  She giggles constantly watching her big sister pour the tea and passing everyone homemade cookies.  The perfect little hostess.  Bellies full the girls choose their favorite tutus and dance with abandon-Brooklynn reminding me of a beautiful Flamenco dancer!  One last costume change of the day- into their bathing suits.  Led by Honor who is a magnificent swimmer the girls jump straight into the salt water pool.   Their laughter and joy is infectious!  I learn Jessica is allergic to chlorine and had been plagued by allergies as a child.  It makes perfect sense she would seek only the cleanest, toxic- free environment for her children but I’m in awe that she has taken it much further.  She is not only taking care of her children but all of ours as well!  An incredible Role Model for young girls -she has co-founded along with Christopher Gavigan (author of Healthy Child, Healthy World)  The Honest Company-a monthly service that delivers customized bundles of non-toxic, eco-friendly, innovative products directly to your door.  Exactly the thing I needed 5 years ago when Tallulah was born.  The Honest Company educates, makes us feel safe in giving us healthy, honest and affordable choices for our children and hands down have the CUTEST diapers!!  And if that’s not enough this renaissance woman has written a book The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True To You which launches today.  It is Jessica’s personal journey and daily life,  revealing tips for making healthy living choices- fun and stylish.  She shares her home, personal family recipes, eco -friendly design tips and a daily eco beauty routine.  You can buy The Honest Life online HERE.  Looking forward to getting my copy!

Honor, Tallulah and Brooklyn wear Tutu Couture, Wovenplay and Atsuyo et Akiko


Lyd says: March 13, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Very impressed by AM’s creativity and beautiful way of capturing the happiness in people. The editing and music are wonderful as well.

Loved all the films. Great job ! AM: you found your passion and method to show your talent. How wonderful !!!!!

With warm hugs,

Naima Sanowar says: March 14, 2013 at 3:55 pm

What a gorgeous video. The editing superb. You did such an amazing job capturing Jessica’s beauty. The girls are so magical and lovely. Love this !!!!.


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