A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Julia Restoin Roitfeld & Romy Nicole

Julia Restoin Roitfeld greets us barefoot in a Dolce & Gabbana little black dress with baby daughter Romy on her hip looking effortlessly feminine and sexy!  ”You’re so pretty” she says to Tallulah on meeting her and takes her by the hand. From that moment – I’ve lost Tallulah to Julia!    She is enamored… from the butterflies that adorn the bathroom walls to the makeup products carefully displayed in rows on a bathroom table . I have to stop Tallulah from raiding Julia’s closet on more than one occasion and she settles for climbing all over Julia instead!  Let’s do braids! Tallulah suggests jumping on her back and happily Julia obliges!  Romy’s playful spirit joins in tugging on Tallulah’s skirt!  ”She has a bit of a foot and shoe fetish” Julia tells us laughing.  We have to keep an eye on Tallulah’s sparkly  ballet flats in case they go missing!  I’m enamored with the photographic collection Julia possesses.  Helmet Newton and Sam Haskin (One of my favorites!)  prints hang in the hallway.  A stunning black and white pregnant nude of Julia by Patrick Demarchelier leans against a wall in her bedroom.  An enigmatic model in a wide brimmed hat and pearl earrings stares out from a photograph- reminiscent of Doisneau or Cartier-Bresson.  Who’s this?  I ask, “It’s my grandmother-she was a script girl in France”, Julia tells me.   This beautiful, elegant woman in the photo -her maternal grandmother -of course!  It’s in the genes! She passed it down to her daughter Carine Roitfeld-one of the most influential woman in fashion-who in turn passed it down to Julia who will inevitably pass it on to Romy!  Although for the moment Romy prefers to eat sparkly shoes than wear them…but that will soon change!

Julia has just launched Romy and The Bunnies a place where  mother’s can find inspiration and beauty!  She also does a really cool vintage flashback of the week. A Particular favorites of mine -both Julia and her mother pregnant on a beach-in the same pose-decades apart!  And you can’t tell the difference!  Sublime!

Julia…Tell us the inspiration behind Romy and The Bunnies?

A few months after giving birth, I wanted to create a platform showcasing what I like as an art director, inspired by my new life as a mother, featuring talents and people I like, as well as tips, products etc…
I want Romy and the bunnies to be a place for expectant mothers, mothers, and anyone who wants, to get inspired by.

What surprised you most about becoming a mother?

The energy we get! Being a mom is amazing, yet exhausting, but until then, I had no clue I could go on for weeks, even months, completely sleep deprived! Nature is well done! you get a whole new set of energy when you become a mom!

If you had more time just for you what would you be doing?

Spending more time with my friends, and working out a bit more!

Favorite thing about living in New York and the one thing you miss most about Paris?

The energy, everything is possible, everyone is positive here. Thing I miss the most about Paris? Foie Gras!

Tallulah adored the french cookies you gave to her! Where is your go to for decadent Parisian pastries?

Haha, Laduree on Madison, I love macarons!

Is there anything you can’t say NO to?

Haha, tough one, I am pretty strong willed!

Your mother Carine Roitfeld is a fashion icon! What are your earliest memories of fashion and her influence?

Modelling for Bennetton when I was about 4 years old! I had a blue wig for the shoot! Such a cute memory!

Your most treasured item in your wardrobe?

A Chanel bag my grandmother gave me for my 20th bday, and a ring she got from her father, that she gave to me.

If you could have one item from your mother’s wardrobe what would it be?

Hard to say! Luckily she is very generous and I am allowed to borrow whatever I can fit in!

The swan rocker your mother gave to Romy was so beautiful and she clearly loved it! Is there something your mother saved from when you were a little girl that you still cherish?

My Minnie Mouse dress! Eurodisney didnt exist then, they brought it back from california, it was very unique then!

What is the best advice your mom has given you since becoming a mother?

To take time for myself and stop feeling guilty about it! That a rested mom is a better mom!

Tallulah was enamored with the butterflies and beauty products you had on display in your bathroom how did the butterfly collection start and what are some of your favorite beauty products?

Romy’s father  lives in London most of the time, when I was pregnant, he would buy me a new butterfly every time he came to NY ..
As beauty products, I love body oils, I love Rodin Olio Lussio, and Monoi… I love morrocanoil for my hair as well…
I use less and less make up since I became a mother.. I used a bit of laura mercier camouflage counceiler, a bit of blush (chanel) but couldn’t live without mascara and eyeliner…

I also use a lot of cocoa butter!

What are your mommy must haves?
Baby wipes! I have all sorts of wipes, for her hands and face, to clean her pacifier if it falls, clean her toys etc… I am a bit of a clean freak, and always have all of them when out with Romy. I actually use baby mustela wipes for myself to clean my face!

Last thing you bought for Romy?

A very cute swimsuit from Makie Clothier

Favorite designer you wish would come out with a children’s line?

T. By Alexander Wang, he would do the coolest onesies!

And finally your perfect day would be…

On the beach with my friends and my baby, which is actually happening very soon! Going to Tulum after tomorrow!

Tallulah wears Crew Cuts t-shirt, bird skirt and ballet flats and Wovenplay tights throughout.


Anita says: April 19, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Enjoyed the interview and the video, you always look nice, even when you’re just at-home.

annemarie says: April 19, 2013 at 5:43 pm

I agree! Julia is beautiful and open and I enjoyed photographing her and Romy!

Gabriella Magalhães says: July 19, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Loved everything in here! Congrats!
I just posted some of this pics and mentioned you on my blog. http://www.bedsidenotebook.com.br
Hope you don’t mind.
Warmest regards from Brazil ;)


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