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A Little Muse

Natalie Joos

What’s the perfect way to spend a day heading towards the holidays?  Vintage clothes shopping-in this case CHILDREN’s vintage with the Doyenne of all things vintage Natalie Joos!  Natalie- New York’s fashionable casting director started her blog Tales Of Endearment a year ago-looking inside the closets of today’s It girls from New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between.  We started at Natalie’s apartment in Williamsburg as Tallulah was keen to meet Natalie’s two beautiful cats Tyson and Mohammed.  After a quick stop for some chocolate croissants and coffee we made our way to Fluke one of the best Vintage boutiques in Brooklyn.  First out of the bag a mini sequined white shift dress-that would rival any of Tallulah’s many dresses at home! Natalie came away that day with a Miu Miu inspired fur collared wool coat!  With Tallulah’s fashion wishes satisfied -left on Santa’s list- A kitten and all things princess!

Natalie what’s top of your Christmas list this year?

I want an espresso machine, an ipod and a new husband.

Where are you spending the holidays?

I am spending Xmas, my birthday and New Year’s in Punta del Este in the south of Uruguay.  From there I will also take a boat to Buenos Aires for 2 days.

If money were no object -what would your indulgent vintage purchase be? 

Probably a big fur (because I would NEVER wear a new one!)

Favorite piece of vintage you own?

A striped boatneck tee my grandmother gave me, my reversible elephant sweater, really I can’t answer this question-I have so many things and love everything I buy!

If you were locked up in one vintage store for the night-which would it be?

C. Madeleine’s in Miami.

Who has the most enviable vintage collection?

Michelle Harper has great pieces but I haven’t even scratched the surface of who’s out there…I need to continue my quest.

You can see all of Natalie’s quests at Tales Of Endearment

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