A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Skye Parrott, Stig and Oona

Memorial Day was spent at the home of Photographer Skye Parrott her partner Jeremy Malman and their children Stig and Oona.  While temperatures soared into the 90s the children playfully cooled off in the sprinklers while Jeremy manned the barbecue.  Managing Nan Goldin’s studio before starting her own career as a photographer- Skye is also Creative Director and Co Founder of Dossier Journal- an independently published biannual Arts and Fashion magazine based in Brooklyn.  With no themes or specific guidelines Dossier encompasses natural realism fashion stories from photographers like Cass Bird and David Armstrong with strong creative writing & music -even the ART of cooking!  She is not only talented and beautiful -but she also makes a killer guacamole!


Skye-You’re a  photographer, Creative Director and Mother-how do make time for yourself?   It is always challenging with kids, and some days I think two is somehow more than double the work of one! Luckily I work for myself, so even though I do a lot, I have a lot of flexibility. I’ve had to get much more flexible with learning how to use smaller windows of time to work. I think back to when I would just sit down at the computer in the morning and work for hours and it seems like such a luxury. Now I spend a lot of time working on my laptop in bed at night. And I’ve had to reset my expectations for how much time I get to myself very low, and try to enjoy the little moments I do have, sometimes unexpected ones. I try to remember that it’s ultimately a very short time when they’re small like this and their needs are so big. That helps keep it in perspective. 

Tallulah’s eyes lit up when you brought out the dress up box!I’m particularly in awe of your jewelry-You wear it so effortlessly! What are some of your current obsessions in fashion?I happen to have a lot of friends who are jewelry designers, so I always seem to have great stuff from them. With jewelry I tend to wear the same things over and over for a while, then switch to something else.  Lately I’ve been wearing a gold cuff from Pamela Love, a large stone ring from Anna Sheffield, and I always wear these small gold stud earrings from Aesa. Also I’ve been wearing a locket that Pamela made me when Oona was born that has her name engraved on it, on a chain with a bunch of other charms, and I always wear my great-grandmother’s engagement ring.

I remember before Oona was born you were looking forward to dressing her up. Favorite children’s brand/s?  I was so looking forward to having a girl so I could dress her! My mother saved a lot of my baby clothes, so I have a bunch of really cute 70′s things she’s been wearing, though that’s going to run out soon. As with the way I dress myself, I’m less concerned about where something’s from than how it looks. So her clothes are from all over the place. The dress she’s wearing here is from Osh Kosh. Generally I like Mini Rodini, Petit Bateau, Baby Gap, Egg, Polarn O. Pyret, Bon Ton. I love Bonpoint but that has all been gifts – I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a baby dress that cost that much. Honestly, most of the cutest clothes she has have all come from Paris – either as gifts from friends there, or hand-me-downs from friends’ kids, or stuff I bought last summer during the sales. And my friend Brounagh’s store, Sweet William-  I’ve gotten really beautiful things there as well.

Favorite designer/s you wish would come out with a children’s line?I wear a lot of Electric Feathers – kid’s clothes from her would be adorable.

Favorite family pastime? These days, picnics.

The perfect family holiday is…? A faraway dream… Jeremy and I are both working so much at the moment that I don’t know when we’re going to be able to go away that isn’t for work!

When Stig grows up he wants to be…? An artist, a boxer and a facepainter.

To see more of Skye’s work click Here and to view Dossier’s website click Here.

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