A Little Muse

A Little Muse

Susan Diamond

of Charles Of London

The multi talented Susan Diamond and her partner the lovely Mark Charles are the dynamic duo design team behind Charles Of London.  Susan is one of my oldest friends-more like sisters-we made the move together to London when we were still teenagers. Although I’ve since moved back to the States-Susan stayed carving out a strong presence in the London Fashion and Music scene.  It was only a few days after the London Riots ravaged through Hackney where they are based when we had plans to meet.  Still a little on edge but determined to have fun and forget about the troubles plaguing London-we headed to their Shoreditch studio for Tallulah to customize her very own Punk Kitty Charles Of London Tee shirt!  Officially I think Tallulah is their youngest fan. She is forever asking to wear her Rock and Roll Kitty!  Next stop Hoxton Square where we had tea and cake then on to an exhibition by the bad boys of the British Art world Jake and Dinos Chapman. When Susan and Mark are not tending to fashion they are touring throughout Europe and the UK with their punk band Gobsausage.

Susan-How do you and your partner Mark share the creative collaboration?

Through visionary experiences and execution of hands.

What influences crept into this season’s collection?

A car crash of Bowie Glam Rock and Plasmatics Wendy O Punk Rock Attitude.

Music plays a huge role in Charles Of London-who are your music heroes?
CAN, Gun Club, David Bowie, The Cramps, Petra Flurr and of course The Plasmatics.
Favorite fashion era?
Three things you can’t live without…
Hydrogen, Oxygen and H20
The two of us wore a lot of Alaia in our twenties. We had some great pieces-regretfully I sold it all on to the Designer Consignment in Portobello. What was I thinking! Is there something you regret you got rid of that you wish you still hung on to?

An amazing Vivienne Westwood piece!
Favorite piece in your current wardrobe?
Charles of London black wool and Black metallic leather Killer Teddy Girl Drape coat.
What designer/s do you look forward to seeing each season?
Pam Hogg, Charlie Le Mindu, Thierry Mugler and Long Clothing
Finally- What woman would you love to see wearing Charles of London?
The Queen of England.

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