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I have followed the career of acclaimed photographer Tierney Gearon ever since her 2001 debut, “I Am a Camera” exhibition in London.   Her work- always powerful, beautiful and often controversial, mainly focuses on her children as her subjects.  She has turned to her children again, producing ALPHABET BOOK a more whimsical but no less thought provoking and instantly nostalgic series of 26 photos — one for each letter of the alphabet.  An absolute must for the holidays!  Alphabet Book is available to order on Amazon.

Tallulah and I hung out in The Bowery with Tierney at her first Book Signing at Dashwood Book Store in NYC!



What was your inspiration for Alphabet Book?  I  was looking for my next project with my kids and at the same time a friend was going through a divorce so I thought it would be fun to do the project together. Our kids are great friends. We had one meeting and then she went on to do something else. I however went on with this fun challenging project over the next few years. when  I start something I have to finish. so I just kept on going until I finally decided I was done.  It was a great friend and family collaboration.


You recently went back to your birth place Atlanta for the Jackson Fine Art exhibition of your work Colorshape.  What was it like to go back home?
Going back home is never easy for me because although I come from a very loving close family there are a lot of difficult memories as a child and growing up with a mentally ill parent.  When I left at 18 I left and never looked back.  Most of our family gatherings take place several times a year in our home in St barts or on other special travel gatherings my brothers and father and I organize!

Tallulah and I enjoyed looking at each and every photo.   We also loved the Alphabet captions: O is for Obviously Old-a particular favorite of ours! Having the creative caption challenged Tallulah’s imagination but also she was also able to appreciate the photo in more depth because of it.  Was that a conscious decision? Yes absolutely I wanted the book to have a lot more depth to it than other alphabet books out there and to spark imaginations!

Your two youngest children walker and Grace feature throughout the book.  How much were they co-collaborators on Alphabet Book?  If I ever tried to stage or plan something, it never worked out, I always had a loose plan and I let Grace, Walker and their friends direct where things went.  It was walker who suggested I use the snow santa image as xmas xing! They were both in Italy at the book publishers with me, when we went to print, helping make decisions on the spot about colors of the cover and the ribbons.

Lastly- if you could spend time with any photographer for the day- past or present who would you be hanging out with?  This is a hard question.   I find real life experiences more stimulating. I am a photographer . Whenever I meet other photographers we instantly connect. I dont have one person in particular I would want to spend the day with there are so many I would love to hang out with and show and tell……..


Thank you Tierney!!


Tallulah wears dress from H&M Kids necklace Atsuyo and Akiko

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